Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

Family in the Philippines


Hello Everyone,
today i  woke up in the morning......
My breakfast: cheese cake and hot milk.
I  heard this song:  cry - Rihanna
I  looked at my cellphone and i  checked my messages.My cousin Jonathan from the philippines sent me a message today. He said to me that he will send me new pictures from him and from my cousin Cristel and also from my uncle Joe. 
i can't wait to see the new pictures. :) I  will show you the Pictures very soon.
 My Mommy and I  we help our family in the philippines. Someday, i  hope... i  can visit my family in the philippines.
I was only in the Philippines when i  was a little girl ( 3 years old ). I  would like to see my family again. I  was only 3 years old. We couldn't go back to the philippines again. :(  I  love Anime and my cousin Jonathan loves Anime too. :) I  love to sing and my cousin Cristel  loves to sing too. :) We have the same hobbies.Last night i  had a dream, that i  was in the philippines with my Mommy and   we ate pancit  with our family together. But then i  woke up and it was only just a dream. :( But someday i  hope  i  can visit my family in the philippines again.I  can show you some old Pictures,but i will show you new Pictures very soon.

Cristel Crystal Tagulao

 My cousin Cristel. I  love you.

 In the Philippines we say Mahal kita

 Mahal kita = I  love you.

Jonathan Tagulao my Cousin Jonathan. I  love you.

I have a big family in the philippines, i  have too many  cousins and  uncles and aunties... :)

I  wish you all a nice Week

Big hugs Bunny :)

Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

New Video! :)

Hello Everyone,
now   I'm back with my new Video. :)
I  also have new Pictures.
 here is the Link: (I hope you it)

Here are my new Photos.... :)
I  wish you all a great Sunday ! Big Hugs   Bunny Roxy.


Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014


Hello Everyone,

i  had a long Music-day at the Music school today.
and Now : I  eat my cherry pie and i drink milk.:) I  also write my Ideas for my new Videos.This two photos are old pictures  from my old Videos.

I didn't upload new Videos for a long time.(Sorry) But i'm working on new Videos.You will see my new Videos very soon.:) I  have a lot of ideas. I  will also upload new photos.

I'm so in stress at moment.I  dance a lot and i also sing a lot. Let me give you a little Info about my new Videos:  i will dance more and there will be also new things...hehe :)

 You can watch some of my old Videos here: 

Talk dirty Cover


Tik Tok Cover


 Forever yours Cover


Bang Bang Bang Cover


Sexy back Cover


Outrageous Cover


Slave for you Cover


Airplanes Cover


Only time Cover

More Videos: You can look at my Vimeo Page. 

I  wish you all a great new Week!

Big Hugs Roxy :) 


Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

Dream House (Movie)

Hello Everyone,
i watched the Movie " Dream House" on Tuesday.
This Movie is very sad. Will Atenton/Peter Ward is a loving  father and a great  husband.His wife Libby and his two daughters were brutally murdered in their home.But in his mind,however his  family are still there and everything is fine. He still sees the ghosts of his family.
 You can see in this Movie: Peter Ward really  loves his Family so much.TRUE LOVE! It hurts so bad that Peter's family is dead.
There is still a mystery of who killed Peter's family.
The neighbor Ann helps Peter and he discovers that a man named Boyce broke into the house and shot Peter's family. and so on..........
The End is also very  sad with the burning house.Because He says to his Wife : i don't wanna lose you.Libby says: Leave this House to save yourself.
Peter says: Goodbye and kiss his Wife and his Daughters. :( ( mhmm ..CRY )
Dream House is one of my favorite Movies now.I will watch this Movie next time again.
You should also watch this Movie!! :)
I cried to this sad Movie.My Mother  loves the Movie  "Dream House" too.

Some say that all houses have memories!
I think its true, because if you  move to a another house, you still have the memories of the last  house in your mind.  Memories will always stay.
But it is sad that memories can not come back in reality again. :(
..... and  It’s so hard to go back to a place that’s filled with beautiful & sad  memories and people you never wanted to let go of.

Maybe ....I'm thinking to write a Song about this Movie.

Big hugs Roxy

                               Peter with his wife and his daughters...

                                 Peter with his wife.


Montag, 21. April 2014

Happy Easter!

Hello Everyone,
I  wish you all a very  Happy  Easter! :)
Enjoy your Day with your Family and Friends.
 I wish you Happiness,Joy,Peace,and Love.
Sending my  warmest Easter  greetings to you and to your Family.

I woke up on Easter morning, and I saw my beautiful big Chocolate Bunny.Yummy! :)
Today i  watched the Movie " what a girl wants".I  like the Actress Amanda Bynes.This Movie is amazing and Funny.
I also danced today. I must do a very hard Dance Training at moment(every day).(dancing and singing) 
It is not easy to sing and to dance at the same time. But Hey!
I'm a Fighter! It is hard but i  love it.:) I  Love dancing and singing.

I ate with my Mommy  Filipino Chicken Afritada.It was delicious.
You should try it :) ! hehe

So that was my DAY :)

Big Hugs for a wonderful Easter.
xoxox Roxy 

Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Childhood Memories!

Hello Everyone,
I just wanna show you some Childhood Photos  and i  also wanna show my New Pictur.
"Some Things are  still the same".. :)
Picture Number 1: I wore a Flower-Dress.

                                     Call me maybe :)


and NOW !!! .... NEW PICTURE

I  still Love Flower-Dresses :)

Say Something


 Hello Everyone,

  I Love this Song " Say Something".
  I hope you  like my Video. I  know it is not perfect but i hope you still like my    Video.For anyone else who has gone through loss or hard times, know it'll get better. Stay Strong. I cried a lot to this Song.

Say something, I'm giving up on you
I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you
Anywhere I would've followed you
Say something, I'm giving up on you

And I will swallow my pride
You're the one that I love
And I'm saying goodbye.....

Say Something Video:



                                   You're the one that I love
                                    And I'm saying goodbye